Errors in Production by Heike Bollig

is an ongoing collection of a variety of products with individual manufacturing errors. Although I actively seek these objects, I mostly come across them accidentally or friends and salesclerks pass them on to me. In the attempt to further develop the collection and to keep it alive, I would be grateful for your support.


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Imanuel Kant; Kritik der Reinen Vernunft

h: 15 cm, w: 10 cm, t: 4 cm
Reclams Universal Library, Stuttgart
Found at University Bookshop Munich, 2004
Incorrectly cut


Ø 30 cm
Peaches record produced by xl recordings
Recived from Thomas Schmidt 2006
Double labled

Newspaper “Welt am Sonntag”

h: 60 cm, w: 40 cm
Axel Springer Publishing House
Received from anonymous source, Berlin 28. 8. 2005
Square „pie graphic“


h: 12 cm, Ø 0,8 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found at Obi, Munich 2004
Crooked, incorrectly milled

Batman comic

h: 18,4 cm, w: 13,5 cm, t: 0,6 cm
Comic, ehapa Publishing House,
Found in Ebay
Pages 19 to 34 are missing

Postage stamp

h: 1 cm, w: 2,5 cm
Stamp, Deutsche Post, 1996
Received from Juergen Drescher, 2004
Value missing

3 pink balloons

h: 9 cm w: 8,1 cm,
Manufacturer unknown,
Received from Yuka Oyama, 2005
3 balloons melted together

Calendar book

h: 21 cm, w: 15 cm, t: 2,3 cm
Calendar book, Brunnen
Found at an office supplies store Munich 2004
Page section doubled

Liquorice Star

h:1,1 cm, w:3 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found in Stockholm, 2005

Cookie Pfeffernuss

h: 2,8 cm, w: 4,8 cm, t: 4,2 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Received from Anne Gathmann, 2004
Wrong side covered in chocolate

I Ging

h: 12 cm, w: 8 cm, t: 1,3 cm
Small Diogenes paper book, 1995
Diogenes Publishing House Zurich
Found at University Bookshop Munich, 2004
Incorrectly cut

Brown Beck’s beer bottle

h: 24 cm, Ø: 6,3 cm, 0,33l
Glass refundable bottle, Beck´s Brewery Bremen
Found at SO 36 Club, Berlin 2005
Incorrect bottle

Plastic folder

h: 29 cm, w: 23 cm,
Plastic folder Ellite,
Received from Claudia Wieser 2004
No opening

Newspaper “Sueddeutsche Zeitung”

h:60 cm, w:40 cm
Sueddeutsche Zeitung Publishing House
Found at Kaiser’s Supermarket, Berlin 10.12. 2004
Wrong price


h:4,3 cm, Ø 0,1 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found in Berlin 2005
Only a fraction of the tip is coated with sulfur

European Union balloon

h: 11,5 cm, w: 5,5 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found at “Ballonerie” balloon shop, Berlin 2004

50 Cent coin

Ø 2,5 cm
50 cent coin, Central Bank of the Netherlands 2003
Found in Ebay 2004
Extra line resulting from torn stamp

Jelly Bears

h:2cm, w:6cm, t:0,8
Manifactured by Haribo
Recived from Claudia Wieser, Berlin 2005
incorectly punched out


h: 4,5 cm, w: 25,4cm
Found at a Vietnamese grocer’s shop, Berlin, 2005
String to long


h: 4,3 cm, Ø 9,5 cm
Fruit yogurt manufactured for Plus Vertriebs Gmbh
Found at Plus supermarket Berlin, 2005
Lid and container indicate a different content


h: 3,5 cm Ø 2mm
Manufacturer unknown
Found in toolbox, Berlin 2006
Tip deformed

Pretzel stick

h:11,5 cm, w:1cm
Manufacturer unknown
Received from Jürgen Drescher 2006

Melbourne Bitter beer bottle

h: 20 cm, Ø 6,5 cm
Melbourne Bitter, Carlton&United Beverages
Received from Craig Fermanis, Melbourne 2006
Label upside-down

CD Case

h:31,5 w:15,7
Manufacturer unknown
Found at BVB Fanartikelshop, Dortmund 2006
CD sleeves deformed, paint transferred

Prosecco bottle

h: 29 cm, Ø 6,5 cm
Prosecco Colinetta,Schenk GmbH, Baden Baden
Received from Maren von Stockhausen, Berlin 2006
Sealed empty


h: 2cm, w: 2cm, t: 2 cm
Found in a board game box, 2006
Pip not centered


h: 4 cm, w:12cm, t:5,5 cm
Chives package, Sainsbury’s
Found by Andreas Gegner, London 2007
Sealed empty

Freezer Bag

h:31,5 cm, w:24 cm, 3Liter
Freezer bag Rubin by Rosmann
Received from Anne Krause
Open on both ends


h: 4,5 cm ,w: 1,2 cm t: 2,3 cm
Pralines Lindt
Received from Judith Raum, Berlin 2006
Melted together


h: 0,5 cm , w: 4,4cm, t: 6 cm
Spinach Tortellini, da Marco
Found by Petra Couwnbergs, 2005
No filling

Phillips-head screw

h:1,2 cm Ø 2mm
Manufacturer unknown
Received from Jürgen Drescher Berlin 2006
Unslotted head


h: 10 cm, w: 6,6
Mormors Löständer, Candy, Candinavia
Found in Stockholm, 2008

Fixing Pin

h:3 cm, Ø:o,05 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found by Bernd Krauß, Berlin 2007


h:10,5 cm, Ø: 8 cm,
klassis brunkal, Procordia Food AB
Found in Stockholm, 2008
Multipel labels

Teabag II

h: 4,5 cm, w: 12,4cm
Herbal tea ginger Lemon, Herbaria
Found by Dr. Dieter Baumstark at „Gruener Markt“, Munich 2007

Disposable Fork

h:1 cm, w:14 cm, t:3,5 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found by Wolfram Liebermeister, Berlin 200
Tines too short

Brass Paper Fastener

h:1,7 cm, w:1,2 cm t:0,08 cm
Fastener, brass plated, Alco Germany, 2008
One arm deformed


Ø 2,1 cm, h:0,01 cm
United States, Five Cents
Found by Emily Pugh, New York, 2008
Blank Coin


h:4,1 cm, w:22,7 cm
Oral B Toothbrush, Indicator Interdent, Procter&Gamble UK
Found by Asli Sungu, Berlin 2008
Bristles partially lacking

Facial Cream

Ø 2,5 cm, h:7 cm
Rossmann Kosmetik 2009
Eccentric sealing


h: 1 cm, w: 2,4 cm, l: 2 cm
Kellogg`s Topas
Received from Stefan Wolf, Berlin 2009
Wrong side frosted


Ø 1,5 cm
Manufacturer unknown, 2009


h: 8 cm, Ø 1,5 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found 2009
No screw thread


h: 13 cm, w: 15cm, l: 5,7 cm
Kemm’sche Kuchen
Finder Unknown, Berlin 2009
Incorrect packaging

Espresso Cup

h:5 cm, w:10 cm, l:10 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Received from Dominik Sittig
Two handles

Toilet Paper

h:10 cm, Ø 8 cm
Manufacturer unknown
No perforation


h:2,5 cm, w:3 cm, l:03 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Send by Verena Schaukahl
incomplete folding


h:2,5 cm, w:0,7 cm, l:0,6 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Peter Dobroschke
No profile


h:6,5 cm, w:10 cm, l:0,1 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Peter Dobroschke
Air hole is missing

Incense stick

h: 0,3 cm, w: 0,6 cm, l: 22 cm
Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa
Shrinivas Sugandhalaya
Two sticks

Chip Fork

h:0,2 cm, w:1,3 cm, l:8,2 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found by Geral Imhof
Prongs to short

Kitchen Sponge

h: 2,0 cm, w: 6,2 cm, l: 11 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found by Nina Sievert, Cologne
Incomplete scouring pad


h: 6cm, w: 12,5cm, t:11,5cm
Manufacturer unknown, 2016

Wrigleys Doublemint

h:7,8 cm, w:1,9 cm
Chewing Gum, Wrigley Gmbh
Found by Ulrike Solbrig 2015
Blank paper

Kitchen Sponge

h: 4 cm, w:7 cm, l:9,5 cm
Kofur Handelsgesellschaft mbh
Found by Susanne Schmitt, Berlin 2015
Wrong recessed grip

Glass bead

H:0,2cm Ø 0,3cm
Pracht Creatives Hobby gmbh
Found by Nicole Heuckeroth, 2016
No hole

Liquorice Wheel

t:3 cm, h:2,5 cm, w:2,8
Bio Helix Lakritzschnecke
Georg Rösner gmbh, Berlin, 2015
Asymetric winding