Balloon Der Supermix
h:11,5 cm, w: 5,5 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found at “Ballonerie” balloon shop, Berlin 2004

Balloon Die Johaniter
h:11,5 cm, w: 5,5 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found at “Ballonerie” balloon shop, Berlin 2004

Balloon European Union
h: 11,5 cm, w: 5,5 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found at “Ballonerie” balloon shop, Berlin 2004

Balloon Peugeot 1
h:11,5 cm, w: 5,5 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found at “Ballonerie” balloon shop, Berlin 2004

Balloon Peugeot 2
h:11,5 cm, w: 5,5 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found at “Ballonerie” balloon shop, Berlin 2004

Balloons 3 Pink
h: 9 cm w: 8,1 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Received from Yuka Oyama, 2005
3 balloons melted together

Batman Comic
h: 18,4 cm, w: 13,5 cm, t: 0,6 cm
Comic, ehapa Publishing House
Found in Ebay
Pages 19 to 34 are missing

Brass Paper Fastener
h:1,7 cm, w:1,2 cm t:0,08 cm
Fastener, brass plated, Alco Germany, 2008
One arm deformed

Bottle Beck’s Beer
h: 24 cm, Ø: 6,3 cm, 0,33l
glass refundable bottle: Beck´s Brewery Bremen
Found at SO 36 Club, Berlin 2005
Incorrect bottle

Bottle Melbourne Bitter Beer
h: 20 cm, Ø 6,5 cm
Melbourne Bitter, Carlton&United Beverages
Received from Craig Fermanis, Melbourne 2006
Label upside-down

Bottle Prosecco
h: 29 cm, Ø 6,5 cm
Prosecco Colinetta,Schenk GmbH, Baden Baden
Received from Maren von Stockhausen, Berlin 2006
Sealed empty

Book Oberbayern
h:30,2 w:22,5
Book about Oberbayern, Weltbild Verlag
Received from Jin Lie, Berlin 2006
Pages inserted upside-down

Calendar Book
h: 21 cm, w: 15 cm, l: 2,3 cm
Calendar book, Brunnen
Found at an office supplies store, Munich 2004
Page section doubled

h: 12 cm, Ø 2 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found at organic store “Mutter Erde”, Munich 2004
Two wicks

h: 1 cm, w: 2,4 cm, t: 2 cm
Kellogg`s Topas
Received from Stefan Wolf, Berlin 2009
Wrong side frosted

CD Case
h:31,5 w:15,7
Manufacturer unknown
Found at BVB Fanartikelshop, Dortmund 2006
CD sleeves deformed, paint transferred

h: 4 cm, w:12cm, t:5,5 cm
Chives package, Sainsbury’s
Found by Andreas Gegner, London 2007
Sealed empty

50 Cent Coin
Ø 2,5 cm
50 cent coin, Central Bank of the Netherlands 2003
Found in Ebay 2004
Extra line resulting from torn stamp

Cookie Pfeffernuss
h: 2,8 cm, w: 4,8 cm, t: 4,2 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Received from Anne Gathmann, Berlin 2004
Wrong side covered in chocolate

h: 13 cm, w: 15cm, l: 5,7 cm
Kemmsche Kuchen
Finder Unknown, Berlin 2009
Incorect packaging

h: 2cm, w: 2cm, t: 2 cm
Found in a board game box, 2006
Pip not centered

Disposable Fork
h:1 cm, w:14 cm, t:3,5 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found by Wolfram Liebermeister, Berlin 200
Tines too short

Facial Cream
Ø 2,5 cm, h:7 cm
Rossmann Kosmetik 2009
Eccentric sealing

Espresso Cup
h:5 cm, w:10 cm, l:10 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Received from Dominik Sittig
Two handles

Freezer Bag
h:31,5 cm, w:24 cm, 3Liter
Freezer bag Rubin by Rosmann
Received from Anne Krause
Open on both ends

Fixing Pin
h:3 cm, Ø:0,05 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found by Bernd Krauß, Berlin 2007

Garden Fence
Measure unavailable, only exists as documentation
Garden fence, Place
Found at Point Vert, Plougasnou, France 2005
Height differs from that given on the package

Hair Conditioner
h: 0,7 cm, w:8 cm
Swiss O Par Peach Milk Hair Care, Rufin cosmetic
Found at Rossmann market Berlin, 2006
Contains only 1/3 of the indicated content.

I Ging
h: 12 cm, w: 8 cm, t: 1,3 cm
Small Diogenes paperback book, 1995
Diogenes Publishing House Zurich
Found at University Bookshop, Munich 2004
Incorrectly cut

Jelly Bears
h:2cm, w:6cm, t:0,8
Manifactured by Haribo
Recived from Claudia Wieser, Berlin 2005
Incorrectly punched out

Kant, Kritik der Reinen Vernunft
h: 15 cm, w: 10 cm, t: 4 cm
Reclams Universal Library, Stuttgart
Found at University Bookshop, Munich 2004
incorrectly cut

h:10,5 cm, Ø:8 cm
klassis brunkal, Procordia Food AB
Found in Stockholm, 2008
Multiple labels

Liquorice Star
h:1,1 cm, w:3 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found in Stockholm, 2005

Loréal Packaging
h: 100 cm, w: 64 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Recived from Lena Bröcker, Munich 2004

h:4,3 cm, Ø 0,1 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found in Berlin 2005
Only a fraction of the tip is coated with sulfur

Ø 1,5 cm
Manufacturer unknown, 2009

h: 10 cm, w: 6,6
Mormors Löständer, Candy, Candinavia
Found in Stockholm, 2008

h: 3,5 cm Ø 2mm
Manufacturer unknown
Found in toolbox, Berlin 2006
Tip deformed

Newspaper “die Welt”
h: 60 cm, w:40 cm
Axel Springer publishing house
Received from anonymous source, Berlin 28.9.2005
Wrongly placed image

Newspaper “Welt am Sonntag”
h: 60 cm, w: 40 cm
Axel Springer Publishing House
Received from anonymous source, Berlin 28. 8. 2005
Square „pie graphic“

Newspaper “Sueddeutsche Zeitung”
h:60 cm, w:40 cm
Sueddeutsche Zeitung Publishing House
Found at Kaiser’s Supermarket, Berlin 10.12. 2004
Wrong price

Ø 2,1 cm, h:0,01 cm
United States, Five Cents
Found by Emily Pugh, New York, 2008
Blank Coin

Onion Net
Only exists as documentation
Manufacturer unknown
Found at Kaisers Supermarket, Berlin 2004
A potato included in a package of onions

Plastic Folder
h: 29 cm, w: 23 cm,
Plastic folder Ellite
Received from Claudia Wieser, Berlin 2004
No opening

Postage Stamp
h: 1 cm, w: 2,5 cm
Stamp, Deutsche Post, 1996
Received from Juergen Drescher, Berlin 2004
Value missing

Potato Chip
h:3,7 cm w:2,6 cm, t:1,2 cm
Biochips Meersalz & Pfeffer, funny-frisch Snack und Gebäck Gmbh, Köln
Found by Juergen Drescher, Berlin 2008

h: 4,5 cm ,w: 1,2 cm t: 2,3 cm
Pralines Lindt
Received from Judith Raum, Berlin 2006
Melted together

Pretzel Stick
h:11,5 cm, w:1cm
Manufacturer unknown
Received from Jürgen Drescher 2006

Ø 30 cm
Peaches record produced by xl recordings
Found byThomas Schmidt, Paris 2006
Double labled

h: 12 cm, Ø 0,8 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found at Obi, Munich 2004
Crooked, incorrectly milled

h: 8 cm, Ø 1,5 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found 2009
No screw thread

Phillips-head Screw
h:1,2 cm Ø 2mm
Manufacturer unknown
Received from Jürgen Drescher Berlin 2006
Unslotted head

Phillips-head Screw 2
h: 7cm, Ø: 0,2cm
Manufacturer unknown, Berlin 2006
No screw thread

h: 4,5 cm, w: 25,4cm
Found at a Vietnamese grocer’s shop, Berlin, 2005
String to long

Teabag II
h: 4,5 cm, w: 12,4cm
Herbal tea ginger Lemon, Herbaria
Found by Dr. Dieter Baumstark at „Gruener Markt“, Munich 2007

h:80 cm, w:73 cm
Manufacturer unknown
Found at T-Shirt print shop, Berlin 2005

h: 0,5 cm , w: 4,4cm, t: 6 cm
Spinach Tortellini, da Marco
Found by Petra Couwnbergs, 2005
No filling

h:4,1 cm, w:22,7 cm
Oral B Toothbrush, Indicator Interdent, Procter&Gamble UK
Found by Asli Sungu, Berlin 2008
Bristles partially lacking

h: 4,3 cm, Ø 9,5 cm
Fruit yogurt manufactured for Plus Vertriebs Gmbh
Found at Plus supermarket Berlin, 2005
Lid and container indicate a different content

Liquorice Wheel
h:2,5cm w:2,8cm  t:3cm
Bio-Helix Lakritz Schnecke Ökovital
Georg Rösner vertriebs gmbh, 2016
Asymetric winding

Pretzel breadstick
l:23cm, h:4cm, w:3,5 cm
Ludwig Stocker Hofpfisterei GmbH
Berlin, 2015

Kitchen Sponge
h: 4 cm, w:7 cm, l:  9,5 cm
Kofur Handelsgesellschaft mbh
Found by Susanne Schmitt, Berlin 2015
Wrong recessed grip

Wrigleys Doublemint
h:7,8 w:1,9 t:0,2 cm
Chewing Gum, Wrigley gmbh
Found by Ulrike Solbrig, 2015
Blank paper

Glass bead
H:0,2cm Ø 0,3cm
Pracht Creatives Hobby gmbh
Recived from Nicole Heuckeroth,  2016
No hole

h: 6cm, w: 12,5 cm, t:11,5
Manufacturer unknown, 2016

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