Since 2004, I have been working artistically on the theme of mistakes in our everyday lives as they arise in manufacturing errors, malfunctions and in our perception of mistakes. „Errors in Production“ is a collection of various small objects with individual manufacturing errors. Due to strict quality management in production and the striving for perfection and efficiency it is extraordinarily rare to find such lone objects that deviate from the canon of industrial standardisation. Each object tells a special story about its production and makes a concise record of the moment that went out of control.
© Heike Bollig 2020

Holes in our pants Bollig/Buchmaier, 2007

My nephew’s Christmas stars Heike Bollig answers Barbara Buchmaier 2007

A Glimpse of Alexanderplatz Heike Bollig 2007



Heike Bollig



International Organization for Standardization

European Committee for Standardization

DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. (DIN)

World Trade Organization

A couple of links here – a project collecting the business plans and other materials including dot com failures.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Matthew Goulish talks about the collapse of this bridge in his inaugural lecture for the Institute of Failure.

Scam o Rama, or The Lads from Lagos is a site dedicated to the study of the ‘Nigerian’ advance fee fraud. In this popular and endlessly mutating fraud the sender of a letter or email claims to be a bureaucrat, banker or royal toady, who wants to cut you, and only you, in on the financial deal of a lifetime. Compliance with the ‘invitation’ is a certain way to lose money. The site includes many current and historical examples of the fraud, documenting at length email exchanges between fraudsters and not-so-hapless victims who have donated their correspondence to the archive.

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